That Which You Can't Throw Away

by Billy Moon



released September 22, 2016




Billy Moon Hamilton, Ontario

"You should change your artist bio, that one that's up there doesn't sound like you"
- my mom



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Track Name: Boyfriend's Car (Butterfly)
I just wanna cut the brakes on your boyfriend’s car
listen to you cry as I hold you in my arms
and say it’s alright, yeah life can be cruel sometimes
just remember that you’ll always be mine

Wanna pin you to the wall like a butterfly
tell me that you love me, and don’t you ever ever tell a lie
when you told me you were leaving you really didn’t sound like yourself
just be the girl that I love, and don’t you ever be nobody else

wanna hold you so tightly that you can’t breathe
look deep into your eyes as you say those last words to me
but don’t worry honey, I’ll follow you into the dark
late at night come on and meet me in the park
Track Name: Long Drawled Out Story That Goes Nowhere (Sam + Alex)
Sam and Alex can’t divide
one can’t leave and the other won’t say goodbye
and so she lets him stay the night
he asks “wherem’I s’posed to sleep?” and she tells him “anywhere you like”

as they play their parts
the taste of the familiar
she welcomes him in by the hand
something so real
hanging in between them that they’ll never feel
find where the vectors intersect
he’s not one to just forget
she’s not above havin’ fun

Sam and Alex can’t define
the subtleties of a casual encounter and how to walk fine lines
and so he lies awake at night
waiting for the message that says “hey, are you alright?”

as she sits on the shore
looks out onto the water
thinks how he’d love it out here
had enough to reminisce
not drunk enough to call
another moment she’ll dissect
trying to find how it connects,
but does it at all?

and as time goes on
he thinks she probably just forgot him,
oh how could she really hold on
she’s not dumb enough for those
“really love to see you tonights”
kisses that taste sweet but something’s not quite right
just leave it where it was
man, she’s a lost cause
while she waits for the boy who could smile like an outlaw
and make moment stop.
Track Name: Ghosts
Heads been a mess
I cannot rest
that’s when she said
I don’t believe in ghosts
why let them take?
Why I should I break?
Make no mistake:
I don’t believe in ghosts
no more “I told you sos”
and why the hell am I still wastin’ all this time
I’m gonna get a shot of what I know is mine
and with some practice and some patience, kid you’ll be fine
and then she got ready to leave but I had to know why
though it might sound cheep
the old stories keep
breathe and repeat
I don’t believe in ghosts
not gonna let them in my home
not gonna let them take my soul
they won’t ever leave me alone
and why the hell am I still wastin’ all this time
I”m gonna get a shot of what I know is mine
and with some practice and some patience kid, you’ll be fine
and then she kissed me on the cheek and then she said goodbye

and I know it’s gonna take a little time
baby steps walking down the line

I am not my invincible parents
I am the best wishes of the best of my parts
I am armed and I am defenceless
blind and naked in the dark
and all we do is try

we thrash around in the mud trying to find room trying to find walls
something to hold on to
I’ll hold onto you and if nothing else myself
I’m sorry i forgot your name I’m sorry I’m late I feel like I should have tried harder
harder and harder
I think so much but I’m not getting any smarter
and all we do is try

we hack and slash at the undergrowth trying to find light
the dolce vita, the good and bitter sweetness
sitting poolside with an heiress asking where the hell the drinks is
trying to get the password for the link sys
you hand it to me with a wink sis
the glass is chipped and I taste blood, they expect you to drink this?
just hang in there for the moments when you can drive right by your weakness
Track Name: Roads
Everyone left
head to some other party, this weekend
and I stayed in, some project or another, should finish it,
or maybe I’m just full of shit
‘nother night wastin’ breath
paw at my laptop and smoke cigarettes
seems all the kids went out to Bangladesh
while I just stay at home and bang my head
always in motion and always at rest
to sounds of people some alive some dead
somebody tell me what the fuck did I do with all my friends

I can see them all
standing in a different light
a story to be told
someone shouts I love you guys
I’m carrying a load
sometimes I just don’t know why
I’m standing in the road, waiting for a car to drive by

Not quite alright
saying the wrong things at the right time
play out a role
hip-to-the-scene character archetype
but who am I trying to fool
Trying to pull the wool over my own eyes
probably go back to school
when I find nothing has turned out right, just wanted my own world to defy
drive late at night trying to stay in the lines
I ask if I’m really all that nice
don’t worry just keep telling yourself the same old lie

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