White Shoes / Dingus - Single

by Billy Moon



released June 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Billy Moon Hamilton, Ontario

"You should change your artist bio, that one that's up there doesn't sound like you"
- my mom

Canada: brendan@doubledenimmgmt.com

Britain/EU: kai.lehmann@cabinartists.com

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Track Name: White Shoes
the liquor in here is pumping like an artery
I want to make you part of me
I wish the bridge between us wasn’t so hard to see
I can tell you’re somewhere you don’t want to be

White shoes unblemished it’s as if the grand
was trying to get them to crawl through the wreckage
if you’re the rule then I am the exception
but I just want to be the answer to your question

With all these suitors standing in line, are you looking to be held high,
or just someone to stand behind?
Track Name: Dingus
Locked out
lucked out,
in need correction
It was a hobby now it’s an obsession
Would you change the station?
I’m getting impatient, man

A sea of distractions
Constant detachment
No alternatives no dichotomy
no action
free to leave but still held captive
just stayin the same the same the same the same

I’m fuckin’ up
locked in a pattern I need to disrupt

Oh hello angel
immaculate creation
are you my prize?
Are you my salvation?
a golden ticket to take me out of the basement
a means of escaping it

I was all I ever wanted to be
a sight to behold, seen and believed
dipping my brush in vanity
painting myself to spite my enemies

Are you still waiting to end the stagnation?
for a reason, for a signal, or a miracle?
It’s not coming not coming never coming
but it’s getting easier to face it

The one thing they’ll never take
is my god given right to make mistakes
and every failure that’s let my body take this shape
I’ve never been better

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