Young Adult.

by Billy Moon



released April 17, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Michael Keire at Threshold Studios in Hamilton, ON.
Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering.
Drums, Attitude, and Sex Appeal by Patrick "PCR" Ryan
Guitar, Vocals, Organ and Baritone by Billy Moon




Billy Moon Hamilton, Ontario

"You should change your artist bio, that one that's up there doesn't sound like you"
- my mom



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Track Name: Kalashnikov
Light is burning, the skin is peeling off. When the party's over it hits like a kalashnikov. Take your old Ramones t-shirt and soak it in alcohol, light it on fire, and throw it at the cops.

I wasted my youth cause I never picked up the phone, and all of those nights when I'd be at home alone. With all the other kids settin' fire to paper bags. Lend me a smoke, but I only want a drag.

Oh blessed Universe, send me some clarity, but if not then I'm sure I'll be fine.

Everyone's smokin' but somehow it's not enough, oh it's such a shame that I never had to give it up. Shootin' off guns, fillin' up plastic cups. My line of work has me pickin' the garbage up.


Now it's all over I can't feel a thing at all, one streak of blood that you'll never get off the wall. Feel the cool breezes the ocean will make its call. Let the waves crash and wash all of this off.
Track Name: Bad Kids
Bad kids movin' into my neighbourhood. I don't know what they're doin', I know it can't be good.

“And we'll wait for the setting sun. We'll fight until the war is won. Out in the woods lookin' for love. But all we seem to do is-”

They're blowin' smoke out the windows tearin' up the kitchen floor.
Walkin' into parties, kickin' down the front door.
Yeah, runnin' round town, settin' money on fire.
Yeah, she says she goes to school but she's a terrible liar.


He says he's finding out love is really easy to fake.
Yeah the touch is still real but these kisses won't take.
They all just want somethin' to believe.
Yeah she says she hates the party, but she doesn't wanna leave

"Out in the woods lookin' for love, but all we seem to do is fuck."
Track Name: King Of The Sun
Reading your letters, think you're doing just fine but now I'm trying to get better one step at a time.
I miss the days when the future was so easy to see. Feels like I'm runnin' away from everything I wanted to be.

Wrap myself in blankets and I hide away.
I can hear the angels callin' out my name.
And I am the King of the Sun, living on borrowed fictions.

I'm a bundle of nerves I'm a cat in a bag. I'm sorry I came tonight cause I guess I'm being a drag. I'm going out slowly and living the life. If you listen closely:
Everything I say is a lie!

Track Name: Video Girls
Wake up at 6 and work from 8 to 4 workin' hard, workin' steady.
When I get hom and I walk through that door I know she's always ready. Always light, never heavy.

Video girls, they keep me up nothing's so refreshing as you fill my cup. Video Girls, hear them moan, turn off all the lights and disconnect my phone.
Video Girls, with skin so cold, leaving me with only myself to hold.
Video girls, open wide; give me a home that I can crawl inside.

Painted faces with a blue tattoo singin ooh, doobie doobie.
She blows a kiss and looks right at you super cool, super groovy.
She's the star of the movie.


Ooh girl I can't leave you alone. (I'm givin' you all I've got).
You let me weather out the storm (you're telling me what I wanna know). Then you fade to black and leave me all alone.

When I go out they just stay inside sleep at home in the closet.
Any moment that I'm feelin' down take her out of my pocket.
'Cause that girl, yeah she's a rocket!

Track Name: The Days Are Just Packed
These fields are open wide only thing to decide is: do we run right to the end or do we take our time? Let's do it anyway, while you're workin' we can play and run across the pavement jumpin' over yellow lines.

Climbin' up power lines, break it open to look inside. My Tiger's eyes are made of glass but he's still alive. I got better things to do than listen to rules that you use to make the world around you yours and not mine.

I got a rocket ship. I watch the water drip. I know a couple tricks. Shootin' right from the hip.

I want a girl that can teach me to be a man, tame a horse and till the land and bend bars of steel.
I'll be choppin' wood out back, killin' beasts with 16 backs, solvin crime by the railroad tracks and greasin' wagon wheels.

Skippin' rocks down by the creek. Fossilized Dinosaur Bones.
Live In Fantasy behind suburban homes.

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