Punk Songs

by Billy Moon



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released September 14, 2018

All songs written by Billy Moon
All the songs were performed by Billy Moon, Marlon Nicolle and Patrick Hayes
Billy Moon did Guitar, Vocals, Synth, Vibraphone, Bass on “Big Black Hole”
Marlon Nicolle played Drums
Patrick Hayes played Bass
Saxaphone on “Dingus” and “Tangerine Dream” by Allison Au
We did most of it in Boston at Converse Rubber Tracks, where Dave Minehan was the engineer.
We ended up re-doing “Dingus” at Threshold Studios with Michael Keire.
Additional Recording was done at Black Lodge studios in Toronto which was done by Asher Gould-Murtagh. He gets a lot of credit as to why the songs sound the way they do.
Mixed by Ian McGettigan
Mastered by Phil Bova at Bova Sound Recording.
2018 Yamma Namma Productions.


all rights reserved



Billy Moon Hamilton, Ontario

"You should change your artist bio, that one that's up there doesn't sound like you"
- my mom

Canada: brendan@doubledenimmgmt.com

Britain/EU: kai.lehmann@cabinartists.com

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Track Name: Bedroom [sic]
Do you remember boredom?
And the freedom that came with it?
We wanted freedom from desire but they just gave us more desires
constantly carrying an unquenchable thirst
I once filled up notebooks I had no surface to scroll through
snatching thoughts out of the air before they fall victim to a flawed human
I only remember because I refuse to forget.
Track Name: Living Room
My living room was the only venue we had.
 We needed to play a show. 
We waited till my parents left,
 the weekend before graduation I said: “call everyone, tell them we’ve been waitin”

The same faces staring back

the same places haunting me

for all my efforts and what they may lack
I was only demanding my own autonomy

I was jealous of your Telecaster but I knew I couldn’t play guitar as well as you could. 
I found old recordings, ‘member you once told me: “I can tell you wrote that song ‘bout her” ?

Gathered in communion
 still in standard tuning, 
sound echoed off the walls

of our living rooms and basements. 
No means of escape,
just teenage concert halls

and we thought of a narrative,
 a narrative to carry our hearts and our heels from rust on steel and I kissed as a roman candle blew out into the field

so naive, we believed our love was real.

Like some little kid,
just out of frame
waving their arms,
screaming their name.
An integral part that keeps you awake,
it’s still in your heart

it can’t go away.

Were we just sitting around waiting for stones to bleed?

fumbling in the dark for which we could not name but need?

She said "I can feel it, there’s something hanging over me
swimming in shallow waters searching for the deep.

And we fell in love with the myth of our age; threw our rural anxieties up against a blank page.

We were free like all the others but we still called ourselves caged,

cause we were just begging for something to liberate.
Track Name: Dingus
Locked out
lucked out,
in need correction
It was a hobby now it’s an obsession
Would you change the station?
I’m getting impatient, man

A sea of distractions
Constant detachment
No alternatives no dichotomy
no action
free to leave but still held captive
just stayin the same the same the same the same

I’m fuckin’ up
locked in a pattern I need to disrupt

Oh hello angel
immaculate creation.
are you my prize?
Are you my salvation?
a golden ticket to take me out of the basement
a means of escaping it

I was all I ever wanted to be
a sight to behold, seen and believed
dipping my brush in vanity
painting myself to spite my enemies

What are you waiting for
is it a reason, is it a sign, is it a miracle?
It's not coming
waiting for nothing.

The one thing they’ll never take
is my God-given right to make mistakes
and every failure that’s let my body take this shape
I’ve never been better
Track Name: D.W.T.B.A.
Let’s go out on the city
let’s go into the town
let’s shake the willow tree and grab at whatever falls to the ground

let’s write our names on the walls
see who’s returning the call
I Don’t Want To Be Alone

Everyone’s like a stranger
everyone’s talking so strange
don’t know what I’m doing here and I
can’t remember anyone’s name

Just runnin into the dark
trying to drown out the sound of my heart

I D on’t Want To Be Alone

Do you want to be alone?
Track Name: Esther
I’m just a sad girl standing a bit too tall
I’m a pile of limbs I can’t do much at all
I want to crawl out of my skin and crawl into hers

it wouldn’t solve my problems but at least I’d have her way with words

You don’t know me so don’t act like you do
You don’t know me telling me what I’m saying isn’t true
and on the outside of the glass everything’s miles away

I’m trapped in this body and can’t escape

And when it’s over and I’m waiting for my day to come
I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
Track Name: Animal
I am an animal

I feel comin' within my skin
for all of what I am
I feel it all cave in
I may be learned
I may be taught
who is my teacher?
what is and what is not
thought I was stronger than to succumb to the words I dare not wish grace my tongue
wanna believe it
recite it all
find some divinity but I still am an animal
Track Name: White Shoes
the liquor in here is pumping like an artery
I want to make you part of me
I wish the bridge between us wasn’t so hard to see
I can tell you’re somewhere you don’t want to be

White shoes unblemished it’s as if The Grand Chemist
was trying to get them to crawl through the wreckage
if you’re the rule then I am the exception
but I just want to be the answer to your question

"With all these suitors standing in line, are you looking to be held high,
or just someone to stand behind?"
Track Name: Tangerine Dream
Wild child, wandering spirit
what do you want from me
let’s just sit and talk right now
I want to know everything
but you got such a longer reach than me
you’re takin' extra steps

while we were runnin’ in your bed at night
my head went running while you slept

she’s all moving pictures and paper cutouts and everything in between
she knows the words to all my songs but she don’t know what they mean
I want to get higher, it’s the way she looks at me
she leaves a taste in my mouth like the skin on a tangerine

(Sorry Morgan)

Her shoulders fall like clifftops and her hair runs like a stream
her parents built her from the ground up
she’s my teenage dream
but we all gotta wake up sometime
sometimes you gotta kill the fantasy
I’m looking in my mirror asking: am I the man she wants to see?

Baby say goodbye, I know I'm not your guy
Track Name: Big Black Hole
Layin’ on bed I was on fire

tryin’ to hold back burnin’ desire
We talked about how our lives were a mess
arm on your shoulder
your hand on my chest
You’ve really changed

babe, I have to
everything stops when it’s just me and you
I love the street light, you love the sounds
I think that I think that I’ve figured you out

and We’re Just Kids

I wanted you from the very first
 moment I saw you, some kind of curse
We walked in step, hearts beat out of time and I kept on waiting for stars to align

Talked for some time, had a few drinks

love how you talk, the way that you think

and you’re pretty too (I’m a sucker for that
don’t know where you’re going, but not going back
and we’re just kids...

Young adults

Old teenagers with great big hearts
supernovas about to explode

and break apart
 into a big black hole

Stand in the door ready to leave 

your face said: "this will never repeat"
don’t wanna break everything I touch
just one fragile thing I managed to crush

Some other place, some other time

I would be yours, you would be mine
these couple hours were just not enough,
but what do we really know about love?

We’re just kids...
Track Name: Bicycle
I like to ride my bicycle
along the streets of this tourist town
not even thinking about the road ahead
I’m pedalin’ so that I can’t be found
what do you know about my sorrow?
It’s not so easy to “just let go”
Oh but it could be alright
sitting in the sunshine
and you would be all mine
if we just took a little time
oh I want to go there
tell me that you don’t care
I got a couple lawn chairs
and a bottle of wine

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